Twig & Olive In-Person Workshops

Meet with and instructing other photographers in person is one of our favorite things. We’re believers that hands-on education is one of the best things you can do for your business because there’s nothing like being in a room with other people that think and feel the same way as you do.

We conduct these workshops all over the country and have even done many abroad. Each workshop is specially designed for weddings, newborns, or family photography, so choose your own adventure and let’s meet. Interested in having one in your town? Contact us, and we can talk about which workshop would suit you best.

Can’t wait for a workshop? We got you. Consider our Online Workshops or join Our Editing or Business Academy for more immediate access and information.


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    With a completely personalized Q&A session, you can get your most pressing questions and concerns answered! We make sure that when we’re done you’ll have a new strategy in place to improve your photography skills in a meaningful way. Contact us after purchase to set up your date and time!
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    No generation is as plugged in as the wedding couples that are looking to hire you, and there’s no generation more distrustful of fake pretense.  To be a successful wedding photographer in an already oversaturated market, you need to create a Disney-level experience for your client, starting from the first point of contact. 
    • How to create a successful brand
    • Guiding a client from inquiry to the album
    • Gear considerations
    • Editing and editing workflow
    • Best business practices
    • A complete stylized shoot demonstrating poses and compositions
    It does not matter if you’ve been shooting weddings for a year or twenty years; this workshop is for you. We are open books and will share with you all our best and worst decisions over the course of our careers. You will leave with a head full of good ideas and a workable plan to increase your wedding revenue. Max of 18 participants
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    We used to dread family photo sessions like a trip to the principal’s office.  We did them because our clients wanted them, but they were so… posed and unoriginal and, well…BORING. We knew we had to reinvent them because they are important and because we want to be our client’s photographers for life. The key was mastering how to” unpose.”  We let go of old habits, dialed in our gear in ways we had not before, and BOOM. Unposing our clients meant happy kids hugging us after the sessions and parents loving the process start to finish, not to mention skyrocketing sales.
    • Targeting the right client
    • Leveraging social media and styling your brand
    •  Software to use to track and book
    • The right gear
    • Settings and lens choices
    • The editing and culling process simplified
    We will work with you on location with model families that you will be able to work with directly, creating authentic poses, dynamic compositions, and intelligent frames that will elevate your brand. Max of 12 participants
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    Of all the different genres of portrait photography, newborn photography is one of the most rewarding and the most difficult. The fragility of a newborn is matched by the demands of the session, from the safety of the baby to posing and timing.   Again, we come back to the experience you must provide for the clients because the only thing more fragile than a newborn is anxious new parents who want everything to go perfectly.  We are going to lead you through everything you need to make this an amazing experience for them and produce heirloom quality art that they will treasure.
    • Newborn Safety from A-Z
    • Layering sets and how to build them
    • Soothing techniques that work
    • Framing and composition for flattering angles
    • Gear choices
    • Cull, edit, create
    You’ll have the opportunity to work with baby models that we pose in the studio and outdoors, weather permitting.  We’ll provide guidance and feedback, and baby whisper our best secrets for amazing newborn photos. Max of 8 participants


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