We used to dread family photo sessions like a trip to the principal’s office.  We did them because our clients wanted them, but they were so… posed and unoriginal and, well…BORING. We knew we had to reinvent them because they are important and because we want to be our client’s photographers for life.

The key was mastering how to” unpose.”  We let go of old habits, dialed in our gear in ways we had not before, and BOOM. Unposing our clients meant happy kids hugging us after the sessions and parents loving the process start to finish, not to mention skyrocketing sales.

  • Targeting the right client
  • Leveraging social media and styling your brand
  •  Software to use to track and book
  • The right gear
  • Settings and lens choices
  • The editing and culling process simplified

We will work with you on location with model families that you will be able to work with directly, creating authentic poses, dynamic compositions, and intelligent frames that will elevate your brand.

Max of 18 participants