Of all the different genres of portrait photography, newborn photography is one of the most rewarding and the most difficult. The fragility of a newborn is matched by the demands of the session, from the safety of the baby to posing and timing.  

Again, we come back to the experience you must provide for the clients because the only thing more fragile than a newborn is anxious new parents who want everything to go perfectly.  We are going to lead you through everything you need to make this an amazing experience for them and produce heirloom quality art that they will treasure.

  • Newborn Safety from A-Z
  • Layering sets and how to build them
  • Soothing techniques that work
  • Framing and composition for flattering angles
  • Gear choices
  • Cull, edit, create

You’ll have the opportunity to work with baby models that we pose in the studio and outdoors, weather permitting.  We’ll provide guidance and feedback, and baby whisper our best secrets for amazing newborn photos.

Max of 8 participants