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Meet Doug and Courtney, the artistic duo behind Twig & Olive Photography, a husband and wife company founded on the pillars of quality, client experience, and a love for travel.

Doug and Courtney’s love story began as a tale of two distinct passions merging into a harmonious blend. Doug, the technical virtuoso, brought an unparalleled eye for detail and technical finesse to the table. Courtney, with her innate sense of creativity, added the magic touch, infusing every frame with emotion and storytelling.

Twig & Olive is synonymous with quality. Their meticulous approach to equipment selection, lighting, and post-production ensures that every photograph is a masterpiece. Their commitment to perfection drives them to capture not just pictures but the essence of the people photographed, turning every click into an enduring memory.

Their shared wanderlust has taken them to the far corners of the globe. From bustling cityscapes to serene landscapes, Doug and Courtney find inspiration in the diversity of cultures and the beauty of nature. Traveling isn’t just a hobby; it’s a wellspring of creativity that enriches their work, infusing it with a unique perspective that sets Twig & Olive apart.

Doug and Courtney understand that photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s about creating an experience. Their warm and welcoming personalities put clients at ease, ensuring that every photoshoot is a comfortable and enjoyable affair. They believe that a relaxed atmosphere brings out the genuine emotions that make for the most captivating photographs.

When you choose Twig & Olive, you’re not just hiring photographers; you’re enlisting the services of passionate storytellers. Doug and Courtney pour their hearts and souls into every project, highlighting your bonds to those you love. They take pride in delivering not just photographs but beloved memories that will stand the test of time.

Twig & Olive Photography invites you to embark on a visual adventure where every click is part of a narrative, where quality and client satisfaction are non-negotiable, and where the love for adventure is woven into every frame. Let us be your companions in capturing life’s indelible moments.

You’ll never hear Courtney speak about herself. She is the quiet yet confident type, someone who will face challenges directly, succeed, and never feel the need to boast about it. Courtney is a trained labor and delivery nurse, meaning your newborn sessions with her are handled with experienced care and a tender touch. She is an avid reader of fantasy fiction, always looking for something as epic as Lord of the Rings. A mother of four, nothing comes before the needs of her children, and she’s always been there for them. She may be a little messy, perhaps even clumsy, but no one can ever doubt her genuine kindness and pure heart.

In proving, once again, that opposites balance each other, Doug tends to be a bit more boisterous than his spouse. Meticulous to a fault, he is at his best when taking his wife’s ideas and helping them flourish. Doug is a natural teacher and has degrees in the sciences and education. He loves video games but admits (though proudly) that all his kids can beat him. While he owns up to being a bit blunt, his heart and mind are poured fully into everything he does.

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