Officially Twig & Olive was born in 2013, linking together Courtney, Doug, and Bobbi, all who had successful businesses before its creation. Don’t our youthful looks fool you; we all have over a decade of photography and design experience under our belts!

Drawing upon the fact that we are happier when we do things we excel at, we divided and conquered Twig and Olive, each taking on the part of the business that we love and slaying it. Our team-centered focus allows us to work like a well-oiled machine no matter if we’re teaching photographers how to business better or photographing clients in gorgeous locations.

We’re big on experience, whether that’s the experience of travel or the experience our clients have with us before, during, and after we are photographing them.

Curating extraordinary experiences and creating art is what we do best, whether it’s here at home in Madison, Wisconsin, or somewhere around the globe.

Bobbi Petersen is the most task-orientated of the group as well as the resident night owl. Her strengths include marketing, saying no to non-essential business purchases, customer service, and creative packaging. Bobbi is also responsible for the coffee surplus at the studio.

Courtney Weittenhiller is our Photoshop and Lightroom guru and baby whisperer. She also keeps our sessions fresh by spending the most money on props, quilts, and other goodies. Courtney is a travel agent by night and is single-handedly responsible for taking care of everyone’s schedule and travel logistics.

Doug Weittenhiller is our tech and gear geek, excelling in knowledge at all things that have a processor or motherboard. He is responsible for the day to day computer and backup operations, getting a solid 9 hours of sleep each night and, most importantly, keeping the studio whiskey stock at an appropriate level. Whenever there is extensive travel involved, Doug is the first to get shipped out.

Darcy Dundee came on as our brand manager in 2017 and has been a tremendous asset to the team. She keeps our blog and website active daily and processes every print and product order that comes our way. Darcy is a frequent winner in the Name That Tune game, is our studio peacemaker, and excels at selecting the genre played on Spotify.

What’s in our bags…

camera gear

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Camera Gear

(3) Nikon D850 Bodies
(4) Nikon D810 Bodies
(3) MB-D12 Battery Grips


Ona – The Brixton
Lowepro BP 450 AW
Black Rapid Sport Strap


(2) Nikon 20/1.8G
(1) Nikon 24/1.4G
(1) Nikon 28/2 AIs
(4) Nikon 35/1.4G
(2) Nikon 45/2.8 PC-E
(2) Nikon 50/1.2 AIs
(3) Nikon 58/1.4G
(2) Nikon 85/1.4G
(1) Nikon 85/2 AIs
(2) Nikon 105/2.8G Macro
(1) Nikon 105/1.8 AIs
(2) Nikon 70-200/2.8G VR1


(1) Profoto B10
(9) Nikon SB-700 AF
(6) PocketWizard FlexTT5
(3) PocketWizard MiniTT1


(2) Avenger C-Stands
(3) Profoto Softboxes
Manfrotto Tripod 190X
ProMaster ReflectaDiscs

Media Kit

Let’s Do This

All sponsorships and collaborations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. To get your product or service lined up for a collaboration, please email: [email protected] and include the product or service, the website, and what you envision for the sponsorship. Please allow 24 hours for a reply. We are so excited to team up with you and work together to make things happen!

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