So many people ask us about work/family balance in hopes of finding that “sweet” spot where you can achieve the perfect ratio. I think the best advice I’ve heard is that it really doesn’t exist.  Some days you give 50% of yourself to your business and 50% to your family. Some days it’s 75% business and 25% family and some days it’s even 100% one way or another- 100% business or 100% family. And you know what- that’s OKAY!

As small business owners we have to mix and match to make not only our family function but our business function as well.
Today was definitely a 50/50 day for me… and I still felt guilt on both ends. I should have spent more time on this for work and I should have spent more time on this for the kids.  It’s never going to be perfect. The best balance for me is acceptance. Know that everyday is different and where we put our time and energy is one of the best and most precious things about being self employed.  We are very grateful for work and family and an imperfect balance.