Beautiful Wedding Photos; Come Rain or Come Shine | Twig & Olive Gets Real about Rain on your Wedding Day

Alanis sang about it. Brides fear it. Rain on your wedding day

So, let’s get into it. What if it rains on your wedding day?


We’ve photographed in the rain. A lot.

And in the snow. And in extreme heat and wind. We have not photographed a wedding during a Shark-nado, but if you are the first, we will rock that too.


When you hire a professional wedding photographer, part of what you are paying for is that no matter what gets thrown at them, they are confident they can do their job. Without sounding too fancy and snobby, we are confident we can make good photos for you no matter what mother nature throws at us.

That does not mean we drag you out during hurricane-force driving winds and make it look like there is no wind. We’re good, but we’re not magicians.


We promise you that if we see rain or any other kind of extreme weather is on the horizon for your wedding day, we are on it.

We tell our clients not to obsessively check the radar the week before their wedding because there is no one on the planet that can change the weather. But you can bet that we are checking. And planning and coming up with different scenarios on how we can make great photos on the day.

Here’s a secret: sometimes crappy weather makes exceptional photos. 


Faced with gorgeous weather and an amazing sunset, any photographer worth their salt should be able to take great photos. But when that’s not available, we have to dig in and find the beauty in other places.

Drizzling rain produces soft, romantic skies. The sun that comes out after the rain brings rainbows and puddles that refract light. Big, fat snowflakes are unbelievably cool and so rare! Wind makes things Outlander-level romantic.

We approach it like this; we simply make photos that simply can’t be done during a sunny 75-degree day. 


Communication, trust, and planning; it all goes back to this.


During the entire planning process, your vendors should be open and honest with you. If you’re working with a planner, they are your first line of defense to talk about alternate plans like tenting the ceremony or moving things indoors. Remember, we’ve seen this before, and we’ve done this before, and we want to help.

Other than your mother and you and your fiance, there is no one who wants your wedding day to go more smoothly than your wedding vendors. 


If that sounds like an odd statement since your wedding will be filled with people you love, let us clarify a bit; we know you’ve placed an astonishing amount of trust in us. You’ve chosen our services to help you craft a day you don’t want to forget. And we’re keenly aware we’ve got one day to make the magic happen.

How great photos WILL happen, no matter the weather.

We will always be honest with you about what can and can’t happen on your day because of inclement weather, but we will always offer alternatives. Here’s the part where we ask you to trust us; because if you do, we will ROCK your photos.


If rain or other weather that will change plans is on the way, we’ll talk it through, so you know just what we have planned. We’ll also be uber flexible; we’ve seen plenty of forecasts of “all-day rain outs” see not a drop of rain.

So, we’ll come prepared for anything, and all you have to do is enjoy your wedding day, and trust that we will make some crazy good photos for you, no matter the weather.