Twig & Olive Contracts and Wedding Questionnaire

Contracts: you do not want to leave home without them. If you’re charging for your photography, then having a contract not only shows your clients your level of professionalism it also protects against misunderstanding the terms and conditions of your services. Make sure you are covered with our wedding photography contract, portrait photography contract, or save by buying the bundle if you do both.

Our wedding photography questionnaire is, hands down, the most comprehensive questionnaire you will find. In this monster 7-page document, you will find each part of the wedding day defined and refined, so your client understands how the day will flow. Using this questionnaire and tailoring it to your brand needs will help confusion before the wedding day, making it an all-around better experience for everyone.

Want to take your photography business acumen to the next level? Join our Business & Tech Academy. This affordable online course is packed full of information on best practices that we use for running our business and using our gear to produce high-quality photos that our clients love.



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