Twig & Olive Micro-Wedding Marketing Sets

Micro-weddings have never been more popular, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down. Many couples choose them as an intentional way to celebrate a wedding, rather than something they are doing because of lack of money or running away from tradition.

Making sure you have branded marketing materials that speak to them is the key. People who have micro-weddings want to feel just as important as those having a big wedding with 200 guests. And, might we add, micro only means the number of people at the wedding and not the wedding budget. It’s good to be mindful of this.

Having these fully customizable templates will show you to be the pro you are at micro-weddings and set you apart from the competition who might not pay as much attention to them. Pair these with our Complete Marketing Sets, and you’ll be ready for business no matter what kind of wedding it is.



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