Twig & Olive Print and Product Selling Tools

Too many photographers jump into sales techniques taught by some “guru,” only to find out that it doesn’t work for them or their clients. We think that selling prints and products should feel good, so we provide photographers with various ways to sell prints and products that fit into their studio (and life) philosophy.

Our print and product selling guide and the wall display images chart can be tailored to however you do after-sales; in-person sales, online sales, or a hybrid method. Choose your own adventure and make some money and clients happy in the process.

If you need real-world advice from photographers who aren’t gurus but have had incredible success in sales and happy clients, join us in our Business and Tech Academy. For less than $10/mo, we’ll give you straight-up business advice with 5-6 videos per month, and you’ll have access to a private online Facebook group with other awesome photographers. You’ll be sorry you didn’t join us sooner!


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