Are you just out of ideas for posing and unposing couples and families? Or, do you sometimes get to a session or a wedding and have these super fantabulous ideas in your head but have no idea what to say to create them? It can be so frustrating! That’s why we created for you this AMAZINGLY simple and compact Prompt Card booklet!

Take our spiral-bound booklet that’s printed on durable cardstock with you anywhere. Each Digital PDF contains 50 of our favorite images accompanied by the exact words we used to achieve the shot! And as an added bonus, we’ve included the settings for each shot as well!

No more second-guessing yourself! Come into your session prepped with a plan, or pop open your Digital PDF mid-session for a quick idea to move your session along. No messing around and searching on your phone – everything is right there ready for you!

Included Documents:
Digital PDF