You just wrapped up a fantastic wedding consult. Laughs, stories, handshakes, and a few hugs later, you leave the meeting knowing that you sealed the deal. Perhaps you sealed the deal right then and there. The retainer lands in your account in just a few days. Six months later, you may (or may not) check-in with your new clients just to say hello. A few weeks before the wedding, you meet again and go over the wedding timeline. There are a few issues that you see, but you don’t say anything because you don’t want to dampen the mood.

It’s now the wedding day! You arrive at the hotel and are surprised to find that the bride has already put on her dress. The bride’s mom is still in sweatpants, and the flowers that you wanted to photograph with the other details were delivered to the church. You shoot what you can and head to the ceremony. The mom (who looks lovely now, by the way), tells you that the entire Miller clan is ready for pictures after the service. All 54 of them. You didn’t bring your off-camera flash, and the church is getting darker by the minute because sunset is quickly approaching. Again, you do what you can with a smile on your face. Because Uncle Phil was in the bathroom, and little Penelope was breastfeeding, family pictures took closer to an hour, and you missed the sunset. Again, you do what you can. The reception goes without a hitch, and you eventually leave feeling tired, frustrated, and TOTALLY DEFEATED! You vow never to book another wedding.

We get it. Ten years ago, that was us, which is why we have decided to help!

ENTER the Wedding Photographer’s Prep Guide!

We have spent the better part of 10 years perfecting our wedding client prep, and we have consolidated it into EIGHT emails that we send to Bottom line? We want you to love your job again!

In this guide, you will receive the same emails that we send to all of our wedding clients. As a bonus, we have included our best consult practices in addition to what we cover during our final wedding meeting. These are points that we make sure to go over at every single meeting (either online, in person, or on the phone). We’ve combined thousands of hours of wedding photography experience and packaged our best tips and workflow advice to equip you with straightforward, practical success. Weddings are rarely “one size fits all,” so having various methods to approach the day is an enormous benefit.

What is included:

  • Beautiful 55-page PDF detailing our wedding client communication system
  • BONUS Wedding Consult Best Practices
  • BONUS Final Wedding Meeting Best Practices
  • Easy to copy and paste word doc of the actual emails