Wedding Day Details Are More Than Photos of Shoes

Let’s be clear; we love taking photos of the details that our clients choose for their wedding day. You’ll see them featured all over our work because we know that our clients chose every detail with care.

They choose things that matter to them. They choose things that represent them as a couple.

She chooses peonies for the bouquet because they were her mom’s favorite flower.


The cake has several different flavors of layers because one likes chocolate, and the other like lemon (because marriage is indeed all about compromise).

The bridesmaid dresses aren’t matchy-matchy because she doesn’t have the kind of friends who want to match.

The pocket square was his grandfather’s.

We know exactly how much those details mattered to you when you chose them.

But there’s another part to capturing details that you might not have thought about…the details that are more about the feeling on the day.

Capturing a feeling is more fleeting and more complicated than taking a cool cake photo.

That feeling (different at every. single. wedding) is what we’re driven to show in our photos. That feeling might be in a hug or a glance.


It could be in the beaming face of someone you love when you came up the aisle or in an intimate close up photo taken during the portrait session with just the two of you after the wedding.

This is what we are driven to capture for you.

It’s these tiny little microcosms of emotion, and love, and laughter and dancing that happen at the speed of light on your wedding day.

It’s the detail of a moment you might never have seen if a camera didn’t capture it during that brief flicker in time.

So, along with the cake and the rings and the flowers, we’re looking for those details that will take your breath away when you see them.

We are the photographers who care deeply about preserving all the details that matter.