Pride is Our Love

In the words of one famous Elvis… what’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?
Love is the most basic construct around which we have built our business. The way a new parent feels about their newborn or burgeoning adult as they enter their senior year in high school, it’s a radiant kind of love.

The joy and laughter between siblings captured just in time for holiday cards is something that’s just pure magic. Our passion for celebrating the connection between people getting ready to say “I do” for capturing and telling their stories knows no bounds, and it’s something we’ve always been proud of.

We have been ardent supporters of our friends, family, and clients who are members of the LGBTQ+ community, a value we have always carried into our business. We are honored to document the stories of commitment, friendship, and love that unfold on a wedding day.
While all love is important, the journey to love and acceptance over certain social oppression is not the same, and it’s in understanding that where we can work towards peace. We don’t know everything about love, but we believe it starts with understanding.

Our truth is that love is not color blind; instead, it is color proud. It is color observant. It sees and values the beautiful diversity of every person we meet. We hold a true desire to be an active ally in supporting their journey to equality in love, in treatment, and acceptance. Black lives matter, black stories matter, and understanding every individual’s role in bridging differences is vitally important to truly live in a world where everyone feels heard and valued.

When we are willing to shed stereotypes or ill-informed conceptions around anyone, and we embrace understanding and seek education around topics that might make us feel uncomfortable, which is an act of love.
Acts of love are as important as love itself.

When we act in love, even if we misstep, we intend to be better, do better, and find peace. As small business owners, and as people, we are constantly questioning ourselves and pushing our own concepts around the myriad of issues our country is facing, asking difficult questions, and seeking answers from a community leader. We strive to find a balance between having love and understanding for civil servants and first responders while maintaining our allyship for marginalized communities.

Because that’s what love is, finding the people who hear, value, understand, and see you for how you are and embrace all of it. And that’s exactly the kind of love we bring to our jobs every single day, along with a flair for creating awesome photos, of course!
The funny thing about peace, love, and understanding is that you have almost cannot have any one of them without having the others, and we need them all in equal measure.

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