Photography Workshops

If we’re not making art, teaching it is on top of our list of things we love to do.

If you’re a photographer, you need to commit to ongoing education to keep your work fresh, innovative, and let’s be honest here…to keep yourself from burning out. The workshops we offer are the love children of many years of getting it wrong and getting it right in our own businesses. We’ll help you avoid pitfalls and become more profitable!

These in-person and online workshops are designed for photographers who are:

• New to the business of photography and want to build a business the right way

• Experienced, but need a change or a creative kick in the pants

• Want to diversify your portfolio and your offerings

LIFE’S ADVENTURE: A Family Photography Workshop

We used to dread family photo sessions like a trip to the principal’s office. We did them because our clients wanted them, but they were so… posed and unoriginal and, well…BORING. We knew we had to reinvent them because they are important and because we want to be our client’s photographers for life.

The key was mastering how to “unpose.” We let go of old habits, dialed in our gear in ways we had not before, and BOOM. Unposing our clients meant happy kids hugging us after the sessions and parents loving the process start to finish, not to mention skyrocketing sales.

  • Targeting the right client
  • Leveraging social media and styling your brand
  • Software to use to track and book
  • The right gear
  • Settings and lens choices
  • The editing and culling process simplified

We will work with you on location with model families that you will be able to work with directly, creating authentic poses, dynamic compositions, and intelligent frames that will elevate your brand.

family together on a rocky shore
baby swaddled in a yellow wrap in a bowl pose

PUREST LOVE: A Newborn Photography Workshop

Of all the different genres of portrait photography, newborn photography is one of the most rewarding and the most difficult. The fragility of a newborn is matched by the demands of the session, from the safety of the baby to posing and timing.

Again, we come back to the experience you must provide for the clients because the only thing more fragile than a newborn is anxious new parents who want everything to go perfectly. We are going to lead you through everything you need to make this an amazing experience for them and produce heirloom quality art that they will treasure.

  • Newborn Safety from A-Z
  • Layering sets and how to build them
  • Soothing techniques that work
  • Framing and composition for flattering angles
  • Gear choices
  • Cull, edit, create

You’ll have the opportunity to work with baby models that we pose in the studio and outdoors, weather permitting. We’ll provide guidance and feedback, and baby whisper our best secrets for amazing newborn photos.

CONSISTENT TRUST: A Wedding Photography Workshop

No generation is as plugged in as the wedding couples that are looking to hire you, and there’s no generation more distrustful of fake pretense. To be a successful wedding photographer in an already oversaturated market, you need to create a Disney-level experience for your client, starting from the first point of contact.

  • How to create a successful brand
  • Guiding a client from inquiry to the album
  • Gear considerations
  • Editing and editing workflow
  • Best business practices
  • A complete stylized shoot demonstrating poses and compositions

It does not matter if you’ve been shooting weddings for a year or twenty years; this workshop is for you. We are open books and will share with you all our best and worst decisions over the course of our careers. You will leave with a head full of good ideas and a workable plan to increase your wedding revenue.

bride holding her wedding cake in a field


family playing together and laughing

Children and Families e-Workshop

We took everything from our in-person workshop and went virtual. Hands down, this is the most comprehensive children and families e-Workshop available in the industry. We don’t say that just to toot our own horns; it is what students have told us time and time again.

  • Creating an experience
  • Managing clients and workflow
  • Advancing your photography skills
  • Posing Guides
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Contracts, guides, and templates

BONUS: Business e-workshop FREE with purchase!

Generating high-level income from weddings does not happen unless you know how to provide an experience for you clients (Hint: it isn’t just about your photos) In this e-Workshop you will learn how we vaulted to the top of our industry from a little town in Wisconsin: going on to photograph weddings all over the world. This is the same information we teach in our in-person workshop; simply put, it will elevate your brand.

  • Creating an astounding experience
  • Managing clients and workflow
  • Advancing your photography skills
  • Posing Guides
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Contracts, guides, and templates

BONUS: Business e-workshop FREE with purchase!

wedding party surrounding a couple while in the mountains
Newborn wrapped in a bucket pose

Newborn e-Workshop

While we can’t replace the thrill of holding a newborn and sniffing their sweet little heads in this e-Workshop, we will give you everything you need to advance or start a newborn photography business. We’ll walk you through everything from finding clients to workflow, newborn safety and more.

  • Creating trust with new parents
  • Newborn safety
  • Advancing your photography skills
  • Posing Guides
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Contracts, guides, and templates

BONUS: Business e-workshop FREE with purchase!

Business e-Workshop

Designed for the newer photographer or hobbyist turning pro, this workshop will help you hit the ground running towards a career in photography. All you need to do is add yourself and a camera.

  • Setting up a legal business
  • Creating client experiences
  • Managing clients and workflow
  • Contracts, guides, and templates
  • All the things you haven’t thought about when starting a photography business
newborn twig and olive

Portrait e-Workshop Bundle (Children and Families and Newborn)

If you specialize in kids and families, this is the very best bang for your buck. You get both the children and families and newborn e-Workshops to ramp up your marketing, your sales, and your inspiration

  • Creating trust with parents
  • Newborn safety
  • Advancing your photography skills
  • Posing Guides
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Contracts, guides, and templates

BONUS: Business e-workshop FREE with purchase!

Complete e-Workshop Bundle
(All e-Workshops)

You want it all? You smart, smart photographer. This is literally a career in a box (or e-Box, rather). You will soon know everything we know about newborns, children and families, and weddings. Get it. Do it. You’re about to have an amazing life.

  • Creating an experience
  • Managing clients and workflow
  • Advancing your photography skills
  • Posing Guides
  • Video walkthroughs
  • Contracts, guides, and templates
  • And about a million more things

BONUS: Business e-workshop FREE with purchase!

wedding couple laughing together in a brick building


couple affectionately snuggling on wedding day

There really aren’t any reasons that would keep me away from investing in a workshop with Twig & Olive Photography. The amount you invest will be paid back to your business from the skills learned attending. No doubt. The value of information and details that are put into a workshop by them is insane. If one thinks you’ll only learn during workshop, you’re wrong! The workshop group you become a part of after is just as invaluable to me as well. Only after attending though do you get that access! Easiest decision ever for me as a business owner to attend a T&O workshop. No regrets!

Jennifer Bocook

Workshop? More like life changing awesomeness, I was lost and struggling and left feeling so inspired. I was given all the tools I needed to really excel. Courtney took one on one time with me and I feel like that was a huge benefit for my business! Absolutely incredible to be a part of their workshop!

Ashly Collins

I can’t put into words how much this crew has helped me! Doug has helped me so much over the years, I have attended two workshops and they have completely changed the way I shoot and do business. I recommend them to everyone!

Darcy Dalton

I went to The wedding workshop in Arizona a few years back when I was just starting to get more into shooting weddings. I can hands down say they changed SO much for me. Besides getting me on the right track and having amazing shoots, the content of what was learned was perfect and relevant to all areas of my new little business. Can’t wait to see them again for the family retreat!

Destinee Jensen

Attending Twig & Olives newborn workshop was a huge step up for my business. Not only did I get to learn posing, shooting, and editing techniques, but they were an open book about business management and strategy as well. There was no off-limits question durning the workshop and this willingness to help has continued through their facebook workshop group. I highly recommend this workshop!

Tara Bos

I attended an in person newborn workshop and it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business. Not only are these guys beyond talented behind the camera, they’re hilarious and personable. I’m so grateful I chose to build my education with a Twig and Olive Workshop. Can’t wait until next time!

Heather Gessele

I recently went to not just one but 2 different Twig & Olive workshops (the Family and Wedding workshops) and I can’t express enough how game changing it was for me and my Photography business. I have grown tremendously from their expert knowledge and helpful tips for my business. Not only did I learn so much but I also had the best time. I made new lifelong friends too! I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to see them again!

Anastasia Ludwig

My business has grown by leaps and bounds after attending Twig and Olive’s family session workshop and continues to. We literally went over everything. I had so much fun learning from Doug and I loved his teaching style and personalities. So warm, friendly and helpful. It has been by far the best investment in any workshop I have ever attended and I can’t recommend it enough.

Jamie Taylor Moorhead

Your newborn workshop taught me so much about my camera, it’s a shift changer for the best!! I’m actually looking forward to signing up for another one!! You include how to market and editing . You guys are amazing! It’s what I was looking for to help me improve my business.

Jasmine Goodchild