Introducing our latest brush collection for Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera RAW! This set perfectly complements our Skin & Tone and Image Enhancer brushes to help you reduce unsightly color casts in your images. Utilizing the latest brush masks (as well as the previous version’s solo brush tool), you’ll have optimal control to even tones and control pigmentation issues caused by reflections, refractions, flares, and aberrations. It’s a perfectly tuned set to get perfect pictures!

Brushes include:

  • Blotchy Skin Fix
  • Defringe #2
  • Flushed
  • Reduce Red Reflection
  • Green Skin Cast
  • Save the Highlights
  • Shadow Red Remover
  • Smooth and Brighten
  • Warm Exposure
  • Yellow Cast

This package includes both .lrtemplate files for Lightroom Classic and .xmp files for Adobe Camera RAW.


NOTE: Lightroom CC (which is different than Lightroom Classic), as of version 5.0, still does not support local adjustment brush presets. While this feature may be added in a future version of Lightroom CC, there is no guarantee of this at the time of purchase.