Running a photography business is hard enough, and having to keep up on your email correspondences can be incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, email templates really can speed up your workflow.

We developed these templates for you to be drop-in ready for your child and family business, but certainly you can (and should) customize them to your needs. They can be used by themselves, in an email template program such as Gmail, or in your studio management software (like ShootQ). The intent is not to cover every nuance related to the photographic process, but rather to lay out clear expectations your client can have of you, the photographer, as well as expectations you should have of the client.

You have a short amount of time to impress your clients with your knowledge of the photographic process before, during, and after their child and family session. Getting started with these templates will make that much easier for you!

Included Emails:
New Inquiry | Follow up | Booking | Session Prep | Session Follow up

In this download, there are five email templates you can use in your business. They are in one PDF file, and any PDF reader program should allow you to copy and paste the text into your program of choice.

These are *not* Photoshop templates or guide templates. You are purchasing a PDF document (wording) that you can copy and use in whatever medium that you wish.