Working with images from mixed lighting conditions? Lux Film Lightroom and ACR Presets to the rescue. Specifically developed by Twig & Olive for cloudy days, rainy days and post-sunset sessions, these presets will lighten and brighten boring, flat or “meh” lighting conditions. They also work well with blue hour and golden hour images, adding some depth and dimension.  These presets will NOT work well with harsh lighting conditions such as high midday sun, dappled light, or studio lighting.

This set includes:

B+W Granite | Blaze  |  Cider  |  Copper  |  Dusk  |  Harvest  |  Lollie  |  Maple  |  Plume  |  Rum  |  Sol  |  Star  |  Tart  |  Twilight  |  Wheat