Noor Film is the Lightroom and ACR preset set we use at Twig & Olive when we have those sessions that we had to shoot in less-than-perfect light. Rainy and overcast, post-sunset and cloudy days don’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of images you give your clients! They add a little glow, boost highlights and bring back tonality. As an added bonus, they also work great on blue hour and golden hour photos. As with all our presents, these work best on images that are evenly lit.

This set includes:

B+W Coals | B+W Steam | Bask | Brilliance | Drift | Embers | Gloss | Glow | Kindle | Lumiere | Lunar | Lustrous | Mist | Polished | Radiant | Singe | Spark | Storm | Swelter | Thaw | Tinder | Urban Haze