Rustic Matte Volume II Lightroom and ACR Preset Pack is Twig & Olive’s second rendition of one of our most popular originals, but it doesn’t mean we love it any less. Like it’s sibling before it, it has warm tones and a rich vintage feel, but the colors are a bit more deeper and mature with a sprinkling of the finest of film grain. This is the one we use when we want to subtly soften without it being noticable. As with all of our presets, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

This set includes:

B+W Ashes | B+W Gravel | B+W Stone | Amber | Barnwood | Bonnet | Crema | Dawn | Film Look | Frost | Mulberry | Peachy | Rustic | Sand | Soft |Teak | Vintage Baby {Dark} | Willow