The Film Love Vol II Lightroom and ACR Preset by Twig & Olive have grain and it’s not afraid to use it. More mature and not afraid of deep tonality, this is a phenomenal action set if you want to replicate deep and contrasty vintage film looks. Black and whites that will punch you in the face and warm hazy tones from blue to chai make this set a good choice if you love the old school look of film.  As with all of our actions, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

This set includes:

B+W Dark Gravel | B+W Haze | Adore Matte | Ambered | Blue Film | Chai | Clean | Dutch Elm | Harvester | Hazy Film I | Hazy Film II | Mandarin | Sand Dune | Summer Dandelion | Summer Wind | Sunrise | Tea