Twig & Olive Photoshop Actions

When you want to take your post-production to a new level, you need to try our Photoshop actions. All of ours are hand mixed, tested, and loved by photographers all over the world. They’ve helped create our “signature look” that clients hire us for, and they will make your images shine. In short, we know they are the best in the business.

The best part about actions is you can totally fine-tune them to your liking to enhance almost every photo you take. From adding a grain-like film to bringing out those golden highlights Twig & Olive has actions for you!

Please note: some of our actions are ONLY for Photoshop CC and not CS6 or earlier. Please read the description before buying!

Now, take those delicious actions you bought and get yourself over to our Editing Academy to see how to use and sell those photos!


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