Continuing our excellent Workflow actions series comes our 2nd biggest set to date! We specifically designed these actions to reduce our editing time while making it easy to tweak images to a polished endpoint. Get ready to create some truly spectacular imagery for your clients!

After your base edit is done, refine your image with this set in Photoshop. Using cleverly designed paint-on and paint-off actions, you can selectively brush on tone, warmth, coolness, and tweak local exposures. You can also add sharpness in small areas or across the whole image, which is perfect right before you send your images to your print lab.

This set works exceptionally well to eliminate color casts and paint on subtle coloration effects. You’re able to brighten and color-select facial features as well, creating a beautiful boost to natural skin tones. Also, consider our TOP Skin & Tone Workflow Action Set to smooth skin and really make your images pop!

This set includes:

  • (16) Image Tone and Refinement Actions
  • (5) Facial Enhancement Actions
  • (6) Paint On Coloration Actions
  • (5) Multilayered Tonal Fixing Actions
  • (5) Finishing Actions

Bundle to Save!

Option 1: Add on our Image Enhancer I set and save $25.
Option 2: Add all seven workflow action sets and save $100 (Film Grain Workflow, Finishing Polish Action, Frequency Separation Action, Image Enhancer I and II, Sharpen Up Action, Skin and Tone Workflow)