Here are the very same tools we use every day to polish and refine our client work. Available now is Twig & Olive’s Ultimate Retouching Bundle—the epitome of editing excellence. This exclusive collection comprises our most advanced tools for both Photoshop and Lightroom, encompassing all of our workflow actions, sharpening and polishing actions, and a suite of retouching brushes. Elevate your editing game with precision and efficiency, as each tool is meticulously crafted to refine every detail of your images. From streamlined workflows to the fine art of retouching, this bundle empowers photographers with the ultimate arsenal to achieve professional-grade results. Unleash the full potential of your creative vision and redefine the art of image retouching with Twig & Olive’s Ultimate Retouching Bundle—a game-changer for those seeking the pinnacle of editing prowess. Purchased separately, it would cost you over $400, so this is a steal!

This set includes the following Photoshop Actions:

  • Film Grain Workflow
  • Finishing Polish
  • Frequency Separation
  • Image Enhancer Workflow I
  • Image Enhancer Workflow II
  • Sharpen Up!
  • Skin & Tone Workflow

This set includes the following Lightroom and ACR brushes:

  • Color Cast
  • Image Enhancer
  • Skin & Tone