Moody is a state of mind, not just a color palette of dark tones. Each one of these Photoshop Moody Matte Lightroom and ACR Presets will add a bit of matte mood to both deeper toned images as well as brighter images. The range of presets included offers a variety of softnesses so you can mix and match your mood. At Twig & Olive, we use these actions from everything from newborns to weddings. As with all of our presets, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

This set includes:

Bliss | Campfire  |  Dune  |  Fall Fields  |  Flame  |  Hazy Matte  |  Heavy Matte  |  Island  |  Mellow  |  Moody Matte  |  Mountain Matte  |  Rainforest  |  Redrock  |  Relic Matte  |  Smolder  |  Stella   |  Tone  |  Wandering Off