Why Engagement Sessions Matter

There are a few times in your life where you’ll exist in a state of “between” as you get ready for your next big life event. Your engagement is one of those times, and we believe that engagement sessions are so important to be captured.
In these months before your wedding day, you go from a couple to “about to be a married couple,” and it’s really quite a special time. We include engagement sessions with our wedding packages because we like you to have a tangible reminder you why you chose this person to spend the rest of your life with!

why you should have an engagement session with twig and olive

Why You Will Love an Engagement Session

Pause the Planning
So much of your engagement will be spent on planning, budging, and making “big life decisions” that some couples can feel stressed and a little disconnected from their partners. Stepping away from the planning and all the well-meaning advice can be good for both of you. Take this time to breathe and enjoy each other.

We’ve Got You on the Where and When
We plan through email, with lots of guidance on the where and when. You tell us a general look and feel you are going for, and we’ll deliver exactly the right place. We’ll do the scouting, let you know what time of day is best for the outcome you are looking for (this matters a lot, trust us), and we’ll have everything ready when you arrive. If you’re planning on doing Save the Date Cards, you’ll want your session done at least 6 months before the wedding.

Date Night (or Day!)
Lots of our couples turn their engagement session into an event. You can make the whole thing into a little staycation even if we photograph the session right in your hometown! Rent a hotel room, get a mani-pedi together, get a couple’s massage, and eat a fancy dinner out. Since you’ll already be dressed up and looking fine, take advantage of it and make this a memorable event.

Explore Different Looks
Maybe you both love the fall, but you’re getting married in the spring. Or maybe you’re getting married at a barn venue in Wisconsin, but you’re die-hard-bleed-red-and-white Badger fans, and you want photos around the campus of UW-Madison where you met. Your engagement session doesn’t have to look anything like your wedding photos, which provides you with the best of all the things you love!

Did We Mention we Travel?
Our cars are always gassed up, and we’ve been known to book a flight that leaves in a few hours. So, if you’re looking for something different, check out our schedule for the upcoming year. Maybe you want to literally get out of Dodge County in February; meet us in Phoenix when we have workshops or sessions, and let’s go Southwestern Style for your photos. There’s no extra charge for this! All you need is a willing spirit, and we’ll take care of the details.

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Why We Love Engagement Sessions

Connections Matter
Of all the vendors you interact with during your wedding planning, and on the actual day, most clients spend more time with their photographers than anyone else. And just like any relationship, you have to spend time with each other to really get to know each other. We don’t want to just show up on the day with a camera in hand; we want to connect with you before the wedding. It makes you more comfortable; it makes us more comfortable and….

It Makes for Better Wedding Day Photos
Straight up. If we’ve spent time with you getting to know your personalities, how you vibe with each other as a couple, and address any concerns you have about being photographed BEFORE your wedding, it means better photos for you. By the time the engagement session is done, we have a deeper rapport. And that insider info on how you roll is priceless for us; we want to do EVERYTHING we can to make the best wedding photos (and experience) we can for our clients.

… Or, not!
That said, we understand that sometimes plans fall apart or it is just not in the cards logistically to schedule an engagement session. You are in luck, your engagement session will never expire. We can even turn it into a one year anniversary shoot!

We Dig Our Clients
Excuse us while we cliche a bit, but we seriously have the best clients on the planet. Because we make it clear from the beginning that the experience of working with us should be fun, stress-free, and result in photos that will make your jaw drop, our clients give us back all the love. It’s a relationship forged in trust, and many of our wedding couples feel like family. Years later, we photograph their new babies, their growing family, and someday…(but not yet) we’ll probably be photographing their kids’ weddings.

destination engagement sessions

But wait, there’s More: Styled Engagement Sessions

If you’re the couple who likes a little adventure and doing things off the beaten path, our stylized sessions are going to call your name. Here’s how we roll:

  • You pick anywhere in the continental US

  • We pack our bags and get there early

  • We find the best vendors in the area and get to work

  • One long epic location or multiple locations for tons of unique looks

  • We will probably go out for some whiskey when it’s over

  • We deliver photos that make your mom cry

Have an idea of where you want your kickass Stylized session? Let’s talk

Love and Engagements, Twig and Olive Style

Please don’t miss out on having an engagement session. It’s a little slice of life that deserves its time and to be honored and cherished. You won’t regret it; we promise you that.

Let’s talk more about your engagement session.