Learning photography on your own: Good
Networking with other like-minded photographers: Better
Attending an online or in-person workshop of a photographer you admire: Amazing!

Doing all of the above at the same time with THREE industry-leading professionals:


Erin Hoskins of Erin Elizabeth Photography in Australia, Alli Peck of Glamour Glow Studios  in Canada, and Doug Weittenhiller of Twig & Olive Photography are coming together to teach a Two-Day Master Class workshop series!

And even better? We’re coming to each teacher’s country to create this rewarding experience that will focus on the trifecta of success for your photography: making a product your clients adore, running a seamless and successful business, and having the very best experience that will have people wanting to return to you again and again.

You’ll find that all three instructors are incredibly down to earth and genuinely want you to succeed. This workshop has been designed especially for your success, and all the instructors are open books. We want you have an individual experience while you’re with COLOSSAL, and also leave with a sense of renewed energy and connection to the broader community.

Reserve your seat today by purchasing your ticket now as a limited number of seats are available! After you complete your purchase, you’ll be prompted to complete your enrollment, after which you’ll be sent the welcome email with the next steps to start getting ready.

We’d absolutely love to have you at this unique and reward Master Class workshop! (no longer available)

$500 USD Launch Special (Until September 31, 2018)
$550 USD Starting October 1, 2018

Melbourne, Australia January 20-21, 2019
Chicago, USA July 8-9, 2019
Vancouver, Canada July 17-18, 2019

Questions? Send all emails to: [email protected]

What is the cap for the number of attendees?

With three leading industry professionals having unique styles coming together in each of their respective countries, we wanted to create the most colossal and worldly experience for our attendees! There is an enormous learning potential for attendees to excite their product line, to improve their business, and to create the very best experience for their clients.

Are there accommodations being provided?
No, but an email with suggested hotels in the area will be sent approximately two months prior to the workshop.

Will meals be provided at the workshop?
Attendees will be able to find local eateries nearby for lunch and dinner. The large Group Dinner will be a la carte.  Cost of meals or dinner are not be included in the workshop price.

What is a Master Class event? Will I get portfolio material?
Master Classes are immersive teaching events where Alli, Erin, and Doug will take their time to share their unique detailed knowledge on how they photograph maternity, newborns, and families. These are observational, and you’ll be able to interact with and ask questions of the photographers. There won’t be long queues to march though to get a couple shots as we’d rather you focus on client-photographer dynamic!

I’ve been to workshops where it’s hard to see and hear the instructor. I hate that!
We hate that too! We’re utilizing large projectors and a camera person, as well as microphones, to make sure you can see and hear everything!

Something came up and I can’t make the workshop. What can I do?
While your ticket sale is final, you can sell your ticket to someone else. You must inform us of the name change, as people not on our list won’t be allowed to attend!

I’ve been to workshops before, and they are almost dysfunctional. What are you doing to ensure things run smoothly?
Between Alli, Erin, and Doug, we’ve spoken at numerous (100+) workshops, meetings, and conventions around the world and have gained a reputation of running a tight ship! We’re not leaving scheduling or location details to chance, and we’re with you the entire workshop. We help each other make sure every person at COLOSSAL feels like that had an individual experience to learn and grow as a professional photographer.

I am only studio light/natural light. What do I have to gain from the other speakers?
The answer is simple: tons! Understanding the nuance of different forms of photography and lighting techniques is essential for growth as a professional. Even more, we’ll be covering business structure (relevant to each country), engaging client experiences, and successful marketing techniques we all use in our companies. We’re all open books and are genuinely interested in you learning!

Will be there a place to coordinate with other attendees?
Yes! A Facebook group will be setup early on for all attendees to share social media contact, setup travel option arrangements, and sharing of images and post-workshop success stories!

I’m sold! How do I sign up?
Wonderful! We can’t wait to meet you! Simply add this item to your cart.  Shortly thereafter, a welcome email will be sent your way with instructions on how to complete the booking and sign digitally the contract. (Note: Your sign up is not complete until we have your signed contract!)

Update: The workshop is now closed.