Good morning!

We wanted to take an opportunity and reach out with a personal message from us at Twig.  The Pandemic has undoubtedly been a whirlwind of stress, fear, and anxiety followed by creativity, hard work, and extreme optimism about the future.

Personally, it’s been more or less a scene from Lord of the Flies on the home front with *some* semblance of structure.  Like so many of us, we have been homeschooling the little humans while trying to find a balance between running our business and being a full-time mom, dad, and educator.  Some days are easier than others!  If we are honest, 80% of this time is spent genuinely enjoying the extra time with our family, knocking out those home projects that have been sitting on the back burner, working on new creative hobbies, and organizing every single drawer and cabinet in the house.  The other 20% has us wanting to light our hair on fire 🙂

On the shooting front, all of us are itching to get back to normal.  We are in this profession for a reason, and to have that taken away from us was incredibly frustrating, especially with one of the most beautiful months in Wisconsin to photograph.  We had to cancel multiple trips and reschedule many of those dates.  That said, sanctions are slowly being lifted, and we have been starting to shoot (outdoors) in Wisconsin and other states.  We are still not shooting studio sessions and are anxiously awaiting the time when we can once again utilize our beautiful studio space located in the Garver Feed Mill in Madison, Wisconsin.

We are in the same situation as a lot of photographers.  With not shooting or editing, we would love to take a second to share what we have been working on!  Doug has been working day and night on closing down our old website and moving lingering items over to our new one.  That project correlates with a lot of SEO optimization on the new website. Doug and Darcy have been pouring over old blog posts and images and updating everything on the back end.  Bobbi has been working on an entirely new section of the website that will (finally) be able to showcase Twig as a trusted source in the industry.  Expect even more educational articles, preferred vendor lists, how-to guides, resources, and more!  She’s also launched our $5.00 Friday Sales, which showcases a different set of items each week for 75% off or more.  Courtney has something special in store for everyone that includes more editing tools for other editing styles of photography.  She’s also been working on more shooting and editing videos.  Our Editing Academy is still going strong, so if you want to see exactly how and what she does (witchcraft and wizardry), sign up now!

We all have been continuing our education.  Bobbi and Doug took an online workshop with industry leader Rob Greer on advanced SEO techniques and have been actively applying the information to our website and blog.  Courtney has been setting up model sessions for new shooting and editing techniques.  Darcy has entirely emerged herself into everything wedding blog related and is actively submitting our work for publication, something that we have never had the time to do in the past.

Our goal for Twig & Olive is to come out of this more robust and better than ever, and we will.

Hold your loved ones a little tighter.  We all will come out of this stronger, healthier, and happier.  Appreciate the small things and the good that can come out of these unprecedented times.  This isn’t said to undermine the extreme difficulties that many are facing.  We are not immune to any of these challenges ourselves.  The days have not always been easy, and there have been many times where we have wanted to throw in the towel or start over the next day.   Take a deep breath.  We will get through this—one day at a time.  Do not hesitate to reach out; whether you are a photographer with a business question or a client looking for a second opinion on an outfit for our upcoming session, we want to connect with you.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mamas out there!  We hope you are having a wonderful weekend and we sincerely cannot wait to see you!

Bobbi, Courtney, Doug and Darcy


twig and olive