Here’s a favorite family session image (or two:)) from a recent session shot at the Cherokee Marsh here in Madison, Wisconsin.
“Those two babies, looking like partners in crime. She’s got her arm around him, he’s leaning into her (I’ll pretend that’s for comfort and not just for balance). I remember stepping back for this one and just loving seeing them together, holding still. It’s basically impossible to capture an image like this on our own unless they’re strapped down, let alone be able to soak it in while someone else does the distraction/photographing.  
It was Cary’s one-year session, and I feel like this photo captures him perfectly. That sweet smile (so pleased with himself for sitting in the chair on his own!), the lopsided teeth peeking through (only I will ever notice them, but I love that they’re visible), his roly poly self – that’s our boy at 1 year. I wasn’t sure we’d get a smiling photo, but Doug pulled it off!
Hope that’s what you’re looking for! Thanks, as always, for capturing these fleeting moments so beautifully. We appreciate all of you so much!” 
We cant tell you how much reading things like this means to us. We LOVE what we do, we LOVE capturing these moments for you! Thank you for choosing us  to do this for you!
Favorite Family Session Image