One of the things we preach in all of our workshops is how your website is the hub to your digital storefront online. And after just a couple of years, our site was looking a bit … dated. We could only update ourselves so much before we needed to enlist the very best of the best to make something incredible. A HUGE thank you goes to Renee over at Ribbons of Red.  Renee took our (complicated) vision for a studio with three different photographers who specialize in children and family, weddings, and newborns (who also teach and sell product) and designed a website that encompasses all of this seamlessly and beautifully.  Thank you Renee!!

A few things to check out:

We have a completely integrated e-commerce site.  This means that for our presets, actions, business documents, and workshop purchases, you will not need to leave the website. You can put items into the cart, do some more browsing, and then come back to your cart and finish up your purchase!

With the expansion, there are even more ways to view our work and see what we do. Our website will always be up to date with our latest work on our blog and our galleries will constantly be changing. Our travel calendar has a completely new look with an interactive map with our travel schedule.  This is one of the areas of our website that consistently gets changed and updated with new trips and travels! We will putting more emphasis on our travels on the front page, and we would love to meet you as we see more of this amazing planet.

COMING SOON:  We’re nearly complete on our online workshops! We will be offering Wedding, Newborn, Family, and Business Online Workshops, and are just putting the finishing touches on them for a fall release!

Thank you for checking out our new site!  We look forward to working with you and crossing paths over the next several years.  Cheers!

Bobbi, Courtney and Doug