Hints of mint and citrus combine with the cool green of herbs with a few floral hues for good measure. Twig & Olive’s Botanical Matte Lightroom and ACR Presets are one of the most versatile of our packs. A few go dark and moody, a few are more light and airy, all add a bit of depth and balance. You’ll find yourself reaching for these again and again for as your tried and true.  As with all of our presets, these work best on images taken in open shade or during golden hour.

This set includes:

B+W Midnight Iris  |  B+W Silt  | Azalea  |  Brambleberry  |  Cactus Fern  |  Celosia  |  Citrus  |  Clover  |  Elderberry  |  Fresh Sage  |  Iberis  |  Ivy  |  Meyer Lemon  |  Mint  |  Moss Oak  |  Orange Fig  |  Parsley   |  Rosemary  |  Succulent  |  Sugar Snap Pea