You just wrapped up a four-hour marathon newborn session. You’re covered in sweat, baby poop, spit-up, and flokati fluff; AND to make matters worse, you’re not even confident you got any photos worth showing! Your client, a sweet 8-pound bundle of joy, was wide awake and cranky while her poor mama was frazzled and exhausted. Her dad was bored and over it as soon as the two-year-old sibling threw himself on the floor, demanding Goldfish crackers. You leave the studio feeling tired, frustrated, and TOTALLY DEFEATED! You vow never to book another newborn session.

We get it. Ten years ago, that was us, which is why we have decided to help…ENTER the Newborn Photographer’s Guide!

Courtney, with Twig and Olive Photography, and Jackie, with Cream n Cocoa Photography, have over 20 years of combined experience in newborn photography and will show you how to have more confidence, smoother sessions, and sleepy babies. Bottom line? We want you to love your job again!

Throughout this guide (educational PDF), Courtney and Jackie will show you not one but TWO unique methods to ensure a successful, happy newborn session for both you AND your client. We’re combining thousands of combined hours of newborn photography experience and packaging our best tips and workflow advice so you can be armed for success. Newborn sessions are rarely “one size fits all,” so having various methods to approach each baby is an enormous benefit.

BONUS: Session Prep Emails from both Twig & Olive and Cream N Cocoa are included, FOR FREE!