Reading this from a couple who had a September outdoor engagement session with us here in Madison, WI, made our hearts so happy:

“There’s something special about a photo that captures something more than what is immediately obvious. There are technical elements of this image that I can’t get over – the way the tree top mirrors the dark parts of the grass making this feel almost like a reflection. I also love the wispiness of the pompous grass and how it melts into the sky. But the look. The look is everything. I have somehow managed in this split second to forget we’re in the middle of having our picture taken and I’m just seeing Jake in front of me. It’s a hard thing to describe because these are our engagement photos and we’re happy and in love in all of them. This photo made my heart skip. I felt so thrilled that it was there. This tiny moment that may not seem different than all of the beautiful moments you caught in our session, but it is so precious to me and something that will forever hold my heart. I can’t wait to look back at this photo someday and be reminded of how he can make me forget the rest of the world is even out there.”
September Outdoor Engagement Session Couple in Field