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The question we get asked the most from photographers is how they can achieve the signature look of our photos.

That “Twig and Olive look.”

Up until now, the only answer was either one of our workshops or one of our actions or presets (both an excellent choice, if we do say so ourselves)

But what if you wanted more?

We love educating photographers, but there are only so many places we can be at one time. 

You feel us, right? 

The kids, the schedule, not to mention the career you’re trying to carve out and time for a little Netflix and whiskey binge when you can. 

Life is busy.

The Editing Academy was built for photographers who want to up their editing game, up their business game and create amazing photographs for their clients without the time and expense of a workshop.

(They also want to make money. No shame in that game)

We’re opening up the academy to a select number of photographers on our email list for a fantastic price…one that lasts only until December 2. 

This is the good stuff. The stuff that took us years to figure out. 

Every Monday, we’ll release a short, actionable video (about 10-20 minutes) that you can put into place instantly.

No PDFs that will live in your PDF-graveyard-of-good-intentions-but-never-read on your hard drive. 

(We know you have one. We do too)

No long keynote speeches, no sitting through long, drawn-out webinars to find out what this is going to cost you.  It’s all included for one low (very low) price.

Online, every Monday in a dedicated group filled with other smart photographers like you we’ll show you videos on how to handle editing situations like:

  •         Crappy mixed lighting
  •         Rainy days
  •         Family photos
  •         Mid-day and sunset lighting
  •         Green casting
  •         Newborn skin editing
  •         Product editing
  •         Reception lighting
  •         OCF balancing in post

You get the idea.  

These editing tips will save you oodles of time, resulting in oodles of happy clients and oodles more dollars in your pocket.

But wait, there’s more!

We’re going to brag a little bit here…but we’ve built a really successful brand in just a few years. 

We’ve worked hard at it, and up until now, the only way to get the inside scoop on how we did it was at a workshop.

In The Editing Academy, we’re going to include one bonus video per month dedicated to business and marketing.

Told you this was the good stuff.

5 short and value-packed videos every month.

We’re going to be dropping knowledge on you every single Monday and then BOOM. Bonus business building, too.

Yadda yadda yadda, how much?

Let’s get right down to it. This is a limited time offer that we are making only from TODAY until December 2 (Cyber Monday, for you geeks out there). After December 2, the price will increase significantly.

We’re opening the doors to our email subscribers first because we love you most.

$99 a year if you pay annually or $10 a month.

No, we’re not kidding. Yes, we know it’s a steal.

Your price will never increase, and if we aren’t rocking your world with awesome editing, business, marketing, and branding tips, you can say “Bye, Felicia” anytime.

You’ll get access to The Editing Academy, and you’ll be admitted to our super-secret awesome Facebook group where you can virtually hang out with some of the best photographers on the planet.

Seriously, this deal is a limited time offer.

You ready to join us? Set your alarm because we kick off the Editing Academy on November 28, 2019, at 8:00 am CST. 

P.S. Have specific questions about The Editing Academy?  Email us at [email protected]!