Best wedding photographers in wisconsin

As a small business owner(s) our time is spent making our customers happy, long hours away from family, and a lack of social interaction. We don’t have co-workers, or employees really. It’s us. It’s us, a computer, and hopes and dreams. Photographers by nature are social people. We love watching you guys smile, watching your families grow, being apart of your lives. But once the wedding is over and the sun goes down on our side of town, it is late nights, and lonesome silence. The laughter, joy and elation we felt while shooting your event has subsided and we reminisce about the exquisite moments we captured for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way mind you, it’s what we do and that’s why you want us to secure those precious moments and stop the world from spinning, just for a flash. Our goal is to give you the best product we can. We want to continue to be exceptional for our customers, we want to continue to grow, to become better at our craft and spend more time with our customers and our families.

Blue Dandelion Photography and The Salty Peanut Photography are proud to announce a photography merger. In order to advance, in order to give you, our clients and friends the best possible product and excellent service you have come to expect from these two entities we have decided to join forces. One lens to rule them both, so to speak….

It’s so perfect! Why? Because with our combined strengths, we’ll be able to serve our clients better than ever before. Turn around times will be substantially quicker. Message response times will decrease. Our product will be even more consistent. Blogging and previews will be posted sooner and be easier to share. Communication will improve. Basically, because we will all be able to play to our unique strengths, we’re going to be better than ever!

Twig & Olive Photography has arrived. It’s not goodbye to the photographers you have grown up with and trust to capture your most cherished memories. It’s a re-awaking to the world of endless possibility. When opportunity knocks, open the door and offer it cup of coffee (or whiskey or diet coke!).  This merger will still provide our past, present, and future customers with exceptional service and product. It’s the right time, for us to blend our companies. It’s going to allow us to spend more time with the people we love all the while giving you the reliability and quality you expect. It’s an opportunity to grow as professionals in our craft, to learn different skills, and be there for the special moments in our own families lives.

We have started merging our social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ will be combined within the next few days to reflect our new name and branding.  We will keep you updated every step of the way!


So this is it. This is the fork in the road. We have chosen to take the path less traveled and we hope you are excited to walk with us as we explore a new avenue in this crazy wonderful career path. You guys rock, by the way, and its because of you and your love for our work that we have made this decision to become better, to take on new challenges, and continue to capture your wonderful smiles.


Courtney, Doug, Bobbi and Jon