Hello all – Doug here with an important message about the Twig & Olive store and email.

When we launched our new store in 2017, we went through unprecedented growth and the website server couldn’t keep up. Though we’ve implemented a large number of changes and fixes, we’ve continued to outstrip our web server’s capacity.

Starting today, we’re starting a massive upgrade for our site. First, we’re moving to a secure and private email service that will provide robust, 24-hour email uptime and redundancy. What that means is that we should have ever fast response time and a service that can handle the hundreds of incoming and outgoing emails we send and receive daily. It will also make receiving updates from Twig & Olive easier, along with sales, travel information, and other announcements.

Starting next week, we’ll begin the server upgrade. While we’ve had a dedicated server running the website, multiple configuration issues from a previous developer snowballed into load issues to the point that the store was unable to be updated with new products. We have a tremendous number of new items we’re so eager to release on our store – for photographers and clients alike – and until the database and underlying services are fixed, we cannot move forward.

What this means is that over the next two weeks, the website and store will have limited availability. We’ll have a splash page redirecting people to our store so you’re still able to complete your purchases for action, preset, templates, documents, and all the other store items. Clients will still be able to log into their portals to complete their booking links, sign contracts, and pay for session. Communication through social media such as Facebook and Instagram will remain unchanged and we’ll continue to check those daily. There *may* be a possibility that some emails did not make it through to us during the migration. If you have not received a response to an email you sent, please reach out on FB, IG or our other social media channels.

We appreciate so much your patience while we work to move to the next phase of our commitment to amazing clients and photography education. We are so honored so many people have to Twig & Olive Photography over the past four years, and we are working extra hard to create the very best product and experience for everyone.

Oh, and one more thing: we have an *incredibly* exciting announcement. Once we sign the documents to make it official, we’ll share. Everyone – it’s game changing!