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In a time where we are still restricted on the number that can gather, live streaming your wedding is, quite possibly, the ‘something new’ that will make your wedding perfect.

In the first place, live streaming your video is entirely inclusive. Friends and family from around the world can be a part of your ceremony in real-time as it unfolds frame by frame.  The costs of travel, or other barriers for guests, simply don’t exist when you host your ceremony online.

Sending your wedding into the ether does take a little bit of planning, and thankfully most couples already have some great options available to them. There are four key components: a camera, or streaming device, a strong internet connection, and a tripod to record your vows.

Couples embracing adventure can snag their iPhone, hike to a beautiful spot and use an app like Zoom or Google Hangouts, set their phone up on a rock, and send out their ceremony to friends and family. At the same time, they shout their commitment from a mountain top (again, check that cell service and any data plan limits first).

Couples can also choose to send out formal invites through E-Card type platform, with a date and a time for guests to join them on Periscope, Twitch, Instagram, or Facebook live stream. Of course, if you host your wedding through a live streaming platform, you don’t have total control over privacy, so if you want to keep your list truly to only those invited, you might want to stick with an invite-only option like Zoom.

Remember, if you’re playing music that is special to you, some platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo, might block your video or later take it down. Even if you love the song, it’s best to skip the copyrighted music if you want your vows to be seen after the celebration.

You can hire an in-person officiant, or even have someone important from across the country perform the duties virtually. Still, you’ll always want to consider having someone there to handle the live streaming/recording duties to troubleshoot issues.

Even if you have your device set on a tripod, it’s good to have someone on the other end of the device who can record your ceremony and be there to answer any questions or connection issues for guests.

Finally, consider your location and pick a space that has great lighting. Don’t stand in direct sunlight, so your faces are blown out, but also don’t pick a dark indoor spot where the details of your dress are lost in the shadows.  Visit your location ahead of time and check the lighting situation with the device you’re going to use so you are sure the details you want are captured.

If there is one thing true in the world, it’s that love is virtually everywhere, and these days, that means everything. So, choose love, choose adventure, choose a totally inclusive and fully sustainable wedding, letting everyone, anywhere, share in your wedding day.

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