From this summer family wildflower session at Garver Feed Mill here in Madison, WI, another reason why capturing these moments matters so much to us:
“There were so many images I loved, but two stand out the most to me. The picture that Courtney took of my husband where our two children are around him, staring at him. The love and adoration on their faces makes my heart melt. I get to see them look that way at him all of the time, but now I get to keep that moment framed forever. I actually got a print made and will frame it for him for his upcoming birthday. It’s a surprise gift. The other photos I love are the ones of my son and daughter looking at each other. There is something about the way two people look at one another that can tell a whole story without anyone speaking a word- I love that!  I also love the photo of my daughter just by herself, holding flowers with eyes closed. I have an oversized wall print of that one on our wall. And it looks AMAZING. It brings me joy every time I see it.”

Summer Family Wildflower Session Collage Family