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It doesn’t matter if you are a new photographer or a seasoned pro; the one thing you must constantly be doing is evolving your business. You know you need to up your marketing game and that you need to learn new lighting techniques and keep on top of trends, but you also want to see your family and maybe sleep, too.

Here’s the secret sauce formula we know photographers need:

Shooting tips+editing tips+business and marketing tips=happy and profitable photographers!

Twig & Olive Academy is the perfect blend of marketing tips, shooting tips, and top-notch photography business advice. This is the stuff that took us YEARS to refine, and it’s precisely the same practices we use to run a very successful company.

Let’s break down what you get:

  • Immediate access to over 200 videos and in-depth tutorials on weddings, family, corporate, maternity, and senior photography education
  • New content every week, with a members-only Facebook group to directly ask questions to the Twig & Olive Team and community
  • Business practices; including marketing and branding, pricing and profitability, and studio software management
  • Free downloads including templates, presets, marketing packs and more
  • Behind the scene shooting videos, photography product reviews from us, and guest content from other industry-leading photographers
  • Editing workflows, post-production workflow, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials
  • Insider info on pre-selling, upselling, and how to drive up print sales
  • Monthly specials and member-exclusive deals, and sneak peeks

Each tutorial, lesson, and tip we share with you will save you time behind the computer in the long run. That means more time doing what you love- photographing clients and making money!

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